Hey, I’m Arpie.  I know a lot about  Raid: Shadow Legends, the Arbiter is my mom after all.  Add me to your Discord server and have info about all champions at your fingertips!

I am already in 600+ servers helping over 300,000 Raiders!

Invite Arpie!

Need -help?  Here is a list of commands to help you Raid better! Need more help?  Join the support server discord.gg/WUgenCu

Use the -tier command to see how champions rank in different areas of the game.  By default I can give you how HellHades himself ranks champions!


-info command

Get basic info about any champion like base statistics and their skill details.  The border shows the rarity and the faction banner to help you get to know new champions faster. Use buttons to navigate the champions skills.

Wondering if your heros have a 5% poison on their A1?

Use the -sns command to search all champion skills for specific buffs/debuffs.

Can’t remember the effects of that buff or debuff, just ask me and I can explain it to you.