Hey there here is a list of my commands:

boss: Returns information for the given boss.
bot: Gives some bots stats.
invite: Invite RaidBot to help you lookup Raid:SL character info and much more!
buffs: Returns a buff/debuff description(s)
claim: Collect your daily token chest.
clear: Clears bot messages.
collection: Check your champion collection you have gained from using the summon command.
guide: Returns champions guides for early, mid, and late game players.
guidelist: Returns list of guides.
help: This command will return a list all commands available.
info: Return index information for the given champion.
installraidsl: Install link for R:SL.
leaderboard: Leaderboard for guide submission.
lore: Shows game lore.
skills: Return only skills (A1, A2…) information for the given champion.
stats: Returns only stats (HP,ATK…) for the given champion.
summon: Summon an amount of shards of any type as long as you have the tokens.
support: Returns the support server invite.
Note: Adding show to most commands will make them appear in the chat rather than send you a DM.
Need more help? Try -help <command name> for more help: